Summer Holiday Bliss Needs to Be Learned

Summer is often described as the best time of the year. To be fashionable, free, to express yourself, and to (apparently) have the time of your life outside. If you were to skim the Internet during this season, you’d be convinced that everyone is heading to exotic destinations, with the perfect body, and a seemingly endless resource of smiles and happiness somewhere inside them.

However, although there are certainly great things about summer, and the season should absolutely be enjoyed, it’s important to understand that we all experience the seasons differently. Fake or exaggerated representations of what it’s like to live through summer can make us feel unattractive, financially weak, and unloved. When these things are combined, they fuel our minds with negative thoughts, causing us to feel depressed and worsening an already-existing mental illness.

summer palm trees
Featured Photo by Mohamed Nashah on Unsplash

Summer Holiday Presumptions

The first thing that we must come to terms with right before the summer season is that it’s just that – another season. A new chance to enjoy sunny weather and hotter temperatures, and to make the most of another wonder on Earth. This view of summer allows us to view the season in relation to our own life. It is a more personal view of the season, which doesn’t include everyone else on the planet.

The Internet has brought us many wonderful things, but it has also brought us a quick way to compare ourselves to people who we’ve never even met before, and who have the option to alter their lives and Photoshop their photos to make things look prettier than they are.

People are of course free to enjoy summer in any way they like, but if, like me, you are not the type to party all summer and you don’t really drink, it’s perfectly find to enjoy the season in a calm environment with people who help you relax. For me, summer is the season that finally allows me to take a break for all of the work that was done in the previous year, and to give my brain a period of serious rest.

Body Image

I’ve never had what you’d consider “the perfect summer body”. To be fair, it’s my own fault to a great extent that I spun my mind into a state where I believed I should hide my body on the beach and cover my stomach with a towel at all times. Not to mention the stretch marks on my thighs. But I have finally come to terms with who I am and have learned to love my body the way it is at any moment. Of course, I try to stay healthy and active as much as possible, but I no longer let imperfections stop me from enjoying my life. And perhaps even more importantly for me, I no longer obsess about getting a tan. I am, literally, allergic to the Sun (more about this in another post), which means that any longer exposure in the summer sun will chaos havoc on my skin. We all have our own insecurities and health concerns about our own bodies, and we must stay mindful of them in the healthiest way possible, no matter how much certain other people may try to influence us otherwise.

Summer Budgeting

A summer holiday doesn’t have to destroy your savings plans. You don’t have to go to the most expensive destination, the best hotel, or the most expensive restaurant to take the perfect social media photo. As I write this, I am on my own summer holiday, and all I see are people who view the sightseeing spots through their phone and not with their own eyes. More people are taking photos of the sea than looking at it or actually going for a swim. Our vision isn’t a six-inch screen, so I don’t understand the need to capture every single moment through the tiny lens of a phone. Open your eyes to the world around you and actually take the time to absorb what you see and feel with your own senses.

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